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06. 2023 - 08.2023

Business Strategy Intern

Jaguar Land Rover China

Shanghai, China

At JLR, I conducted in-depth research on China's automotive battery swapping and BaaS (Battery as a Service) market, analyzed the business model and market participants, and designed 12-page slides to present the research results.

I also monitored industry trends (including policies, exports, and technologies), tracked macroeconomic data and financial performance of NEV companies, built databases and made dashboards using Excel (pivot table), supported to make data-driven decisions.

03. 2023 - Now

Volunteer Translator



My past experience of using online platforms to study HTML has instilled in me an uplifting belief that the global community of knowledge-sharing is truly remarkable as it makes education more inclusive.


Now, I work as a volunteer translator myself, translating the Python Basics course on Coursera from English to Chinese to help independent learners in China learn programming. Using my language proficiency and programming knowledge, I tried to bridge the gap and bring programming education accessible to more people. 

03. 2022 - 08.2022

Contract Writer

TD Education

Shanghai, China

I worked as a contract writer during my senior year of high school. As an individual who is passionate about sharing my own experience, I wrote 20+ blog posts totaling 30k+ words about International Baccalaureate student life and published on social media, resulting in 10k+ views and increasing engagement with target audience.

I also led weekly discussions among contract writers to brainstorm and decide on compelling topics, ensuring relevance and appeal to the target audience.


2022 - 2026

Carnegie Mellon University

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvia

As a technology lover but also a decision science enthusiast, I've never felt like I fit neatly into one category. At CMU, I explored various fields of studies by taking courses including Programming Fundamentals, Concepts of Mathematics, Linear Algebra, and Multivariate Calculus. Finally, I discovered that my passion lies in applying technology to deal with social issues.


I have also been involved in extracurricular activities such as CMU hackathons, musical theaters, and volunteer translating.


Programming Languages

Python (Intermediate)

R (Basic)

HTML & CSS (Basic)

SQL (Basic)

C (Basic)

JavaScript (Basic)

Tools & Technologies



Microsoft Office (Excel, Powerpoint, Word)



English (Full Work Proficiency)

Mandarin (Native)

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