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My Projects

Welcome to my digital portfolio! Here you can find a showcase of some of the projects I have completed throughout my journey to becoming a software engineer. Each project has been a unique opportunity for me to develop my skills and learn new technologies. I hope you enjoy browsing through my work!



I developed a Sudoku game application (You can view the video tutorial here). There are five difficulty levels, an auto-candidate mode, redo, undo, and 2 innovative hint features, which automatically populate possible number candidates in empty Sudoku cells. I also designed an intuitive and user-friendly interface, featuring puzzle generation, interactive grids, input validation, and error highlighting.


With Her Eyes


I led a team of four to create an adventure game "With Her Eyes" within 24 hours in CMU 112 Hackathon, led the brainstorm discussion and allocated the programming tasks and designing tasks.

I used Python and engine to write the game logic, integrated a variety of options and levels, enabling player interactions that

shaped the game’s outcome. I also created and edited a two-minute demo video, and pitched the final project to a panel of judges.

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