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Nice to meet you!

Hello! I'm Yichen Lu, a passionate Information Systems student at Carnegie Mellon University, where I explore the fascinating intersection of technology and practical application. 

My professional experiences range from web development to strategic business analysis, where I've nurtured a knack for crafting elegant solutions that resonate with user needs and business goals. 

Beyond the technical, I am an enthusiastic researcher and a collaborative team member, deeply invested in leveraging data to uncover insights that drive decision-making. 

When I’m not at my computer I like to spend my time reading and learning about art history.




Carnegie Mellon University

Major: Information Systems

Minors: Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy

This is where my journey in coding and technology takes flight.


World Foreign Language Academy

IB Diploma

Gratitude to my TOK teacher, whose wisdom reshaped my lens on the world.

I'm a....


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